Who are we ?

Our story

After working a few years as a tour guide around the world, Mathilde decided to return to her homeland. After visiting, surfing and hiking in several countries, she decided to make her dream come true: to discover the beauty of the Basque Country, via sports ... and vegan gastronomy! In 2021, she crossed paths with many wonderful people, and created with them the Pasaian team. Pasaian is a Basque word which means "Passing". Each team member has the same goal: to share their love for this unique place with passion. Here, together, and now with you.

Why Pasaian ?

Pasaian is the first vegan outdoors retreat in the Basque Country. People generally think it’s impossible to discover the Basque Country, be active and also eat delicious local vegan food (the region is well known for its meat & fish dishes). We wanted to prove them wrong ! Our ambition is to provide unique experiences with sports and activities in nature, within our core values: authenticity, living in the present, raising awareness of our impact on the planet, loving and preserving what’s around us.

séjours sportifs vegan Pays Basque


Founder & Tour Guide
Egun on, I am Mathilde, founder of Pasaian. I always have a smile on my face, I’m addicted to surfing, to the sun ... and to vast green spaces. Lover of tasty vegan food, I also like to take Yoga postures & relax on the mat. After years of traveling as a multi-sport tour guide in the Basque Country and around the world, I decided to settle in paradise and make the most of this amazing region while embarking on a new adventure: Pasaian. Self-love, respect for nature, associations with others. These are my three teachings that follow me and that I will share with you during your stays. Dusted with a good dose of gratitude and love for what is here and now. The Basque Country opened its heart to me and it’s my ambition to honor it. It is with you and my great team that I want to share my knowledge and my love for this place.


Yoga teacher
Originally from the South-East of France, I have landed in Basque Country when I was 7. I consider myself very lucky to have grown up here, in the countryside, between the mountains and the ocean. Certified and passionate yoga teacher, I am committed to accompanying you on the path to feel well during your Pasaian stays. I teach a practice that is respectful of the body and accessible to all. I adapt the sessions according to your scheduled activities and also according to the cycles of Nature, the seasons. So that you feel in harmony with yourself and with what surrounds you. Lover of Life, Nature, Ocean, travels, I am happy to be able to guide you on the mat during your stays, where my teaching takes on its full meaning. Harmony, "joie de vivre", simplicity and respect for Nature are my watchwords. Looking forward to sharing with you!
Cuisine vegan au Pays Basque France. Séjour sportif.


Cooking Chef
My name is Amaia and I live in the Basque Country. I’m very sporty, and very attached to my land, my language and my culture. Very young, I developed a passion for cooking and baking. This passion has only grown as I grew up, through the various trips I have made and the belief that nature offers us endless possibilities in the kitchen, which is why I specialised in vegan cooking. I always choose food from organic farming, fresh fruits and vegetables, in season and good for our health. And I can guarantee that healthy food can be tasty ! I’m a real foodie so taste is a top priority in everything I cook. I’m looking forward to sharing my kitchen with you.


Surf Instructor
I’m Laurent Iturriza, I live in Ciboure on my boat. I’m a state-certified surf instructor and federal trainer. I offer quality lessons and always make sure everyone has fun. After 15 years working in a surf school, I decided to open my own: Freeriders surf school, in Hendaye, a paradise for surfers of all levels. I have a strong experience in teaching surfing and I offer an effective pedagogy tailored to everyone. Also, I provide quality equipment and insurance with all surf classes. I always have my GoPro with me in the water, to film you and give you feedback at the end of your stay. Laughs guaranteed! Can't wait to see you surf the waves of the Basque Country! Agur! (Goodbye !)